Friday, November 19, 2010

Melissa's Favorite Things This week!

Plus how to navigate this blog because I'm directionally challenged even here lol!

I have new readers! YAY!  My before and in progress pictures were posted in the first week of August so go all the way back there if you're interested.  Recipes, menues, shopping lists, and play lists are scattered throughout.

My new favorite of the week is SUSHI! Anyone surprised at that?  Thought not.  As reminded by a friend, sushi is good for you until you start adding the sauces to it.  Go easy on the soy suace...sodium central.  Use the low sodium version.  Better yet, mix a bit of wasabi paste into your low sodium soy sauce...put a kick in your mouth for sure...also her suggestion.  Besides, hot peppers ARE good for you.  Scroll down to find the post on hot pepper benefits.

In other news:
I've had the house to myself since yesterday morning.  It's a bit quiet and just a little spooky to me.  Good thing big dawg is house broken. No one, and I mean no one will try to get past him if they're smart. 

My hands are cold.  I'd love to have a big bowl of oatmeal with agave and cinnamon even if it is after midnight.  I've done a bit of housework in between working at KMart and going to the funeral home and out for sushi. See there it is again lol!  Sushi!  I may need intervention if this keeps up =)

Anyway, time for this ol' girl to go to bed. Another girl's day out tomorrow. We're getting our hair done and grabbing a quick bite to eat then I'm going to visit my mom at the nursing home then my grandmother at her home.  'Nother busy day.  Oh well.

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