Monday, November 29, 2010

Carbs make me sleepy part 2

I seem to be getting A LOT of hits on the Carbs Make Me Sleepy post.  Apparently I'm not the only one affected by such problems.  Most heavy starches send me into an almost comatose state.  Sugar, potatoes, pasta, and breads are the worst culprits.  Thanksgiving dinner is probably the most notoriously obvious example I can think of.  Please note that though turkey contains trytophan it is not the turkey that knocks you out. It's all the carb laden side dishes who are the wolves in sheep's clothing.  It's the combination of the two that deliver the knock out punch on Thanksgiving day.

Your diet affects your mood.  Mood- Food Relations

Your diet affects your insulin levels.  Lower your carb intake and lower your insulin levels.

BUT.  You can  Take control of carb cravings.   by exchanging bad carbs for good carbs as shown on this list of good and bad carbs

To make a long story short.  Carbs affect the levels of seratonin in your body. Seratonin is a feel good/relax hormone.  Carbs also affect insulin levels in everyone, but, especially in people who are Insulin Resistant.  If you have a high intake of carbs then you're going to become sleepy.  I hate the feeling of not being in control of my body because of the foods I eat.  I refuse to eat a lot of bad carbs.  I have turned down some of the yummiest looking breads and deserts in favor of remaining alert/awake and in control. 

At one time I lived in the Tellico Grainery indulging myself their delicious pastries(brownies and carrot cake muffins with cream cheese frosting, or the HUGE cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting or sugar), sandwiches(the best rueben to ever cross your lips!), and breads (OMG! Fogacia!)

Now they're a once in a blue moon treat.  I cringe at the thought of bread beyond Pepperidge Farm's 15 grain bread.  I was actually nauseated at the sight of Thanksgiving dinner being slapped on peoples plates on some new report last week.  I loved shrimp fettucine, but now, ummm, no thanks.  Pass the salads with dressing on the side. Or the sushi. Or the closest veggie plates that aren't laden in grease, butter, salt, or cheese.  That pretty much eliminates Cracker Barrel huh?

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