Friday, November 19, 2010

Stability Ball Routine

You have all seen me posting about being on the ball and falling from the ball but I bet most of you have n no idea exactly what I meant.  The following models are not me in any way shape or form, especially the man lol!

My disclaimer: I dont' own these pictures.  I am not a fitness expert.  These are justa few of the exercises that I do on a bi-nightly basis to find my waistline and get my female curves to turn back in the right direction.  This particular exercsie can and will hurt you if  you'r enot careful.  If you're uncertain about a move, talk to your doctor first, because, guess what?  I'm not a doctor either!

Stabilty Ball Routine part one!

Pilates version of a crunch.  Pull your navel in like you're sucking in your gut.  Here the model is adding a slight twist to her move which helps tone the obliques

Stabilty ball version of a Pilates Swan.  I love this move.  You can feel between your shoulders and all the way down your back as it strengthens your back.  Hold your gut in during the upward motion of this exercise. Feel the BURN!

This position lands me in the floor every time I try it.  You have to concentrate really hard on controlling your back and stomach muscles to be able to hold the position.  to make it even harder you can lift one hand  or one leg  challenging your balance even further.  I haven't gotten that far yet.

Stability ball version of a Plank.  I cna barely do a plank without the ball and usually wind up in the floor whenthe ball rolls away as I don't have enough control of my back and abdominal muscles yet. 

Stability Ball version of a curl up.  I love this move too.  It burns!  Suck your gut in as you move and use your abdominal muscles to control your body as you lower yourself back down.

Another stability ball version of a Pilates Bridge.  Pull your gut in here as well.  Burn burn burn!

This version of a bridge also lands me on the floor.  Gotta work more on the control doggone it!

Hips, thighs, back, glutes, abs. This takes a lot of control and deep concentration  so that your back doesn't arch off the floor.  Talk about feeling a burn.  Tap feet with ball side to side to challenge yourself.
Stability ball routine part 2: Add 2 pound soft weights to the exercises where your hands are free for more strength and sculpting.

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