Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spark people

When I first signed up on Spark People I was put off by the number of whiny people who needed permission to even breathe.  I was put off by a number of things, but the 'permission to' crowd drove me insane.  Don't get me wrong.  I understand there are those out there who don't know how or where to begin losing weight, I certainly didn't, but I also didn't go on a blog site asking how much salt to put on my mashed potatoes or when to eat or how much to eat.  I'm a firm believer that you eat what you want, in moderation, until you're satisfied.  Not stuffed to the gills. We all (I hope) have enough common sense to know when something we're eating may not be the best for us.

I'm a sushi addict.  It's not bad for you in its un sauce'ified' state.(I make up words to suit my needs, in case you haven't noticed)  Sushi Faq  How did I get onto sushi?  I was supposed to be talking turkey...

Spark People sent me an email, probably one of the better emails I've gotten from them as someone has  FINALLY used some common sense!  8 Ways to Trim The Thanksgiving Calories    You know what?  I dont' think I'll ever look at eggnogg quite the same way.  I love the stuff, with a splash of kahlua or baileys, but what CALORIES!

My advice: Exercise caution laced with a bit of food adventure and a lot of common sense when it comes to holiday feasts. 
My permission: Taste what you want. Indulge what you like. There's no rule that says you have to stuff yourself like a Thanksgiving turkey. Just go easy on the salty, overly sweet, gravied, and sauc'ified' foods and you'll do well.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Weekend.  I'll be at work.....

Side note: Be nice to the cashiers and sales floor people who are getting up before the cold butt crack of dawn, leaving our families to be able to provide you with 3 a.m. customer service in our stores.  We are just as tired and overstuffed as you are.  We would rather be at home in bed too.  Play nice, be patient, better yet, order online...faster, simpler, no lines....

I also have noticed I have some new readers. Hi and welcome to what is fast becoming my OCD lifestyle blog. To leave me a note just click comment at the bottom of the post. I love just getting a 'howdy!" sometimes.

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