Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5k speed bump Ahead

Seventeen days until my first ever 5k.  Not sure how I feel about it since there's no way I can run the whole thing now that shin splints are rearing their ugly heads again. What do I have to do to get past them once and for all?  I did exactly what I was told, R.I.C.E. and get different running shoes with maximum stability since I overpronate..  What did it get me? some time off, my shins felt fine until today, I've been told to pushon through it I've also been told to not push through it as it may result in stress fractures.  I dont' need stress fractures!

I'm looking at plan B...running part and walking the rest since it is a run/walk 5k.  I'd rather be running it, but will accept that I can't and look ahead to the next one in May.

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