Saturday, April 30, 2011

First 5k Down...When's the next one?

Walking a 5k instead of running was just a bit on the humiliating side after all the running I've done.  Especially so when some of the people participating the the 5k have seen and commented on seeing me run yet there I was walking it.  There were a lot of people walking, but I wanted to be in the runners' group!  However, shin splints have once again reared their ugly heads and it's time to go to the doctor to have a look at what the exact problem is.  I've been running since February.  That's 3 months of running in the cold, in the rain, with shin splints, without shin splints, and in 3 different pairs of 'special' running shoes.  Surely at 41 I'm not so over the hill and so overweight still that I can't overcome obstacles as mundane as shin splints.

I did run with them, except that the pain has become so unbearable that I want to cry.  It feels like someone kicked me in the shins with steel toe boots. Sigh.

Otherwise, I feel great and really want to do it again!  Where and when is the next one?

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