Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I suppose it's all in how you look at it?

I'm in a rambly talkative mood tonight so just hang with me.

Don't get me wrong after reading the post below.  I am still participating in the 5K just not on the level I'd hoped to be on.  It's my first 5k so I'm  not supposed to be superwoman, right?

Last night one of my co-workers stopped me to tell me she'd eaten cake every day last week but had still lost 3 pounds.  She rocks!   Cake doesnt' like my stomach.  Nowadays most sweet things don't like my stomach, nor do salty or greasy things, not that I dont' eat them anyway, I just don't eat as much.

I'm proud of her.  It goes to show it's not necessarily what you eat but how much, or in this case it isn't even about quality but quantity?

Have you seen those  news articles about the man who ate nothing but twinkies for a month (ewww gross!) and lost a lot of weight?  Event the more famous Jarret or Jarrod? Who ate subway sandwiches to lose weight. I'd hate to know what their blood sugar levels, choleseterol counts, and so on are, wouldn't you?

I used to love Subway, but I've not eaten there in years because of a snub they gave homeschoolers.  I had eaten there frequently up to that point.  Hmmm, I didn't lose a pound either.  Gained a lot though.

I ate out frequently because I was hardly ever home.  And I was hardly ever home because we lived in the modern day equivalent of a hovel.  A singlewide 30 year old trailer with no heat or air.  The windows were either open or closed but wouldn't do both.  I would load my babies in the car in the early morning hours before it got too hot because my car had dual air conditioning, you  know the kind where you roll the windows down on either side =), and we would go to grandma's   house or we would go to WalMart where there was a McDonald's inside.  We would hang around all day and eat at Mickey D's.  How's that for keeping your girlish figure?  I used to joke I didn't have curves but now that I do they curve in the wrong direction!

Nowadays we're living in a house, unfortunately the air has decided not to work for whatever reason so we're running ceiling fans until the air is fixed.  We don't get out and run around and eat out like we used to, but it's just as easy to eat bad stuff while sitting in front of the computer or television, or Wii console.  In fact it's even more inviting to eat bad stuff, live the couch potato lifestyle and pretend that you're not fat, you're just fluffy.  Try telling that to your insulin levels, I'm sure they'll pay attention.

I'm in the mood to run tonight, but my shins feel like I've been kicked, hard, repeatedly in the shins due to the shin splints.  Yay, fun...not.

The boys are off to their friend's house for the evening.  Hubby still at work.  I've already had my daily dose of natural, sun provided vitamin D and I scrubbed my bathroom and the kitchen.  Wonder what else I can find to get into?

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