Thursday, August 5, 2010

10 Things I've learned this week

1) Never try to take body measurements while suffering PMS Bloat. You get a shock!

2) 2600 mg of Evening Primrose Oil does wonders for PMS Bloat and general bad mood associated with PMS.

3) The difference in Training shoes and running/jogging shoes is that Trainers are for everything but running (kickboxing, yoga, tennis, aerobics, etc) and don't have as thick an insole/sole. Running shoes are the direct opposite, they're made to take the shock of heel to toe, even of a fat girl like me. Their insoles and soles are thicker and have better arch support.

4) You're only paying for the name on the EXPENSIVE running shoes, try on the cheapies, they're just as good and sometimes feel even better than the name brand.

5) When your son, a sugar'holic, promises he won't eat your granola cereal, PROMISES, he won't touch it, don't take his word for it. He'll just eat it slowly over a week's time rather than eating the whole box then stashing it in the trash before you remember you have it.

6) It's perfectly fine to eat 4 homemade cookies and a teeny tiny piece of coconut cake if Janie (former K Cafe cook) made it, then wash it down with a can of Dr. Pepper. In fact I LOST half a pound today after doing this lol! I guess your body really does need the sweetening sometimes.

7) Smile graciously when your HR manager comments that you are looking really really good these days and say thank you.

8) Smile graciously when your co-worker says she can't tell you've lost a pound since you've been working with them over the last 3 years.

9) Hope above mentioned co-worker gains the weight you lost plus all that you still lose over the next year. Karma bites hard sometimes doesn't it?

10) Have fun no matter what, always wear a smile, make 'em wonder what you're thinking (or maybe they're afraid to know what you're thinking too lol!)

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