Sunday, August 15, 2010

Super Easy Workout Videos

I'm beginning to amass quite a collection:

Easy Beginner:

Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss- Suzanne Deason
Balance Ball Beginner's Workout- Suzanne Deason
Winsor Pilates Basic Step By Step - Mari Winsor
Winsor Pilates Power Sculpting with Resistance Bands - Mari Winsor


Pilates for Beginners- Brooke Siler
The Method: Precision Toning- Jennifer Kries

I have a couple of Pilates 10 minute Solutions Videos that 'claim' to be for beginners.  I'm not sure what their definition of beginner is, but this beginner thinks they're a bit too advanced for my level at this time.

Just remember, if it hurts as in I think I pulled a muscle kind of hurt, stop what you're doing.  If it looks difficult, try it anyway, if it is, keep trying it until it isn't difficult. There's a difference in challenge and cheating.  Challenge buoys your confidence. Cheating just robs you of your self esteem. 

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