Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Home Alone

Home alone with a lot of housework to do, but the sun called my name and I played until it went home behind the clouds for a while.

Now I'm nice and sweaty and my skin feels wonderfully warm and toasty.  I'll shower in about an hour so I can soak up all that natural vitamin D goodness.

I got a pleasant surprise when I stepped on the scale this morning.  It said I weighed 199 pounds.  I thought man, the big dawg ran me into the ground last night on the walking trail, took 9 pounds right off.  I take my huge german shepherd mix with me on late night jogs/walks.  Of course I hadn't lost 9 pounds just like that.  My scale needs a new battery.  I actually weighed in at 208.6.  I knew it wasn't right, but I was happy so much so that i forgot to breathe for a few seconds even though I knew it wasn't right. 

Just think, when I really do get below 200, how good I'm gonna feel.  You'll hear me shouting the rooftops down lol!  There will probably be a happy dance in there too.

Now, off to do some sweating while mopping the disgusting floors that are in my house. Blech!

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