Friday, August 20, 2010

About Those Rocking Shoes

Seems to be a lot of hoola baloo about the rocking shoes.  Depending on how much you want to pay for them, they all accomplish about the same thing, work your calves, thighs, butt, and abs (because you have to use your core muscles to maintain your balance)

There are some differences, so Ill impart what I know. 

Skechers Shape Ups.  Around $100. That's all I know about them, however,  I've been reading online reviews and mostly what I'm getting is snob appeal.  You know the ones where the expensive shoe is soooo much better than the store brand.

I saw a blog post somewhere that said Skechers will help you burn more calories! Really? And here I've been exercising my backside off to lose weight while all this time I just needed to wear the exercise shoes? Well hell's bells why didn't someone tell me that this time last year? geeez!

It's like saying running shoes make you run faster.

New Balance Rock N Tone;  $55 for FLIP FLOPS!  fifty five! are you kidding me! $84.99 for sneakers
New Balance True Balance $109.00 for the sneakers  $159.99 for the mary janes.

Reebok Easy Tone  $110!

Rock N Fit 19.99-39.99  It has a couple of different soles depending on the style, and there are several styles from sneakers to mary janes, some are extremely comfortable some have incredible arch support, some are just so so but for roughly a quarter of the cost of Skechers, you can try them all.

Thera Shoe, same price points as Rock N Fit, but Thera Shoe has a huge sole.  They remind me of platform shoes and I've had several customers comment that they feel like they're going to fall because the shoe throws them off balance.  I don't get the same complaint from Rock N Fit.

It's all about balance.  It's all about posture.  These shoes, no matter how much you paid for them are forcing you to do what you should have been doing all along. Stand up straight, use your core muscles to correct your posture.  If your core muscles are weak and flabby so is the rest of your body!

I own the therashoes Mary Janes so I can wear them at work. They're comfy, I especially like the arch support. I don't feel wobbly in them probably because I've been doing core strengthening all these months and it comes as second nature to me.

Whatever you do, whichever shoe you try, or if you even bother at all, continue whatever exercise programs you were doing before trying 'the shoe'.  'The shoe' doesn't cure your weight problem. You can't cheat your way to a better body.  You have to do the work.  You have to make the changes.  You have to stay with your changes or 'the shoe' just becomes another thing in your long laundry list of other exercise equipment you own or tried and can blame for not doing what it was supposed to do.

Remember this is the NO EXCUSES ZONE, so I don't take 'the shoe' as a reason for not living up to your ability to change.  You are your worst enemy. Decide to defeat your worst enemy.  It's the only way you'll ever make the permanent change for the better.

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